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You can find comments, pages and even a site dedicated to the work and life of Evgenii Rachev.

The Bulgarian site: – «The Magic Glove – Searching for childhood treasure!» – «I think I have found a real treasure here.»

There is even commerce of Rachev’s books now.
For example: or
You can search starting with «Rachev» or «Рачев» here or in other place.

Many of Rachev’s artistic works are exhibited or placed in the depositories of among others:

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow, Russia)

The State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

The State Russian museum (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia)

Chihiro Art Museum, Tokyo and Azumino (Japan)

The Lugansk regional art museum (Ukraine). There is the page number 195 of the section «Graphic arts» in the part «Modern art» of the museum’s site. There is shown the Rachev’s art works: «The Donkey putted on a lion skin» and «The Lion and the Mouse» (illustrations for fables by L.Tolstoi), illustrations for tales by I.Franko «The Crow and Hawks» and «Murka and the Steed»

Rachev’s are reprinted in many countries. His most famous illustrations are those to the Ukrainian folktale «The Mitten (Rukavichka)».

Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers (Japan) -

Beijing Poplar Culture Project Co., Ltd. (China) -

Hollym Co., Publishers (Korea) -

Falken Forlag (Norge)

LeiV Leipziger Kinderbuchverlag GmbH (Germany)

Books illustrated by E. Rachev have also been published by:
Net Musashino, Ltd. (Japan) ) – the collected Ukrainian folktales “The Little Ear of Wheat” (in three volumes)

Gakken Co., Ltd.(Japan) – the Russian folktale «Cock stay-at-home with crimson comb»

«Detskaya literatura» (Moscow, Russia) - the book by Michail Prishvin «The Sun’s Storeroom»

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