The Wolf and the Little White Kids


(The Wolf and the Seven Kids)


Once upon a time there lived a goat and her kids. Off the goat would go to the woods to eat of the silken grass and to drink of the cool, sweet water, and the kids would lock the door of the hut behind her and never so much as show their noses outside. When she came back, the mother goat, would knock at the door and sing out:

"My kiddies own, my children dear,

Open the door, for your mother is here!

She has brought you some milk which is rich

and sweet,

It runs from her udders down to her feet;

From her udders it runs without a sound

And trickles softly over the ground."

The kids would open the door and let in their mother, the mother would feed them and go off to the woods again, and they would lock the door behind her, just as they had before.




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